Down With Slogans!Down With Slogans!

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Charlie Wine = Charles M. Wine = cwine
Updated December 31, 2019

For about 43 years, I worked at Sarnoff Corporation
which was David Sarnoff Research Center
which was RCA Laboratories Division of RCA Corporation
which was RCA Laboratories Division of Radio Corporation of America.
During that time I did a wide variety of interesting things.
My final job title was "Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff".
I now find myself at liberty (Retired).
I do not need, nor do I want:
Insurance (of any kind).
Debt-consolidation, credit-repair, more credit-cards, or home-equity loans.
Storm windows or doors, house-siding, or lawn-treatment.
Financial advice, particularly free-financial-advice, especially from someone who is earning a living making cold-calls.
Chain letters, or ways to earn extra money in my spare time with just a small investment.
I live in Princeton, NJ, USA. There are enough people in New Jersey. Pass through, visit, gamble, enjoy; then go home!
What is the State Bird of New Jersey? . . . The Mosquito.
What is the State Flower of NJ? . . . Poison Ivy.
What is the State Tree of NJ? . . . A traffic light.
What is the State Fungus of NJ? . . . Mildew
What is the State Body-part? . . . Athlete's foot.
State fish? . . . Lamprey.
Whats the State color? . . . Gray.
State motto? "Dig we must."

Passing through? As you drive down the turnpike, just past scenic Newark Airport, you will smell something that makes you think some part of your car (tires or electrical system) is burning. Do not stop. Don't worry. Welcome to New Jersey.

If Florida is "The Sunshine State", Kentucky must be "The Moonshine State".... maybe NJ plates should just read "Uranus"...

How come the bridges and tunnels between NJ and its neighbors charge money to get out of NJ, but let people in for free? ... Is there a message there?

About New Jersey mosquitoes: They are big, plentiful and hungry.
The state solution to the problem: Pave everything.. It didn't work...
The mosquitoes just bash potholes in the pavement whenever they want to breed.. That's one of the reasons there are so may potholes in NJ roads.
It is not true that NJ mosquitos interfere with radar air-traffic-control at Newark Airport... They are above the size at which the FAA makes them carry transponders.

Q: Why are New Yorkers always depressed?
A: The light at the end of their tunnel is New Jersey.

The scenic highlight of NJ (no-kidding) is the Pine-Barrens.

Weather in NJ

Application to live in NJ

Two very short stories.
Honor and Glory . Power
An interest is the game of go: Imagine the kanji for go.
I commute by bicycle, in all weather. I average about 7 miles a day... About 50 miles a week... About 2600 miles a year.
Year Miles Total Notes
2007 2625.3 2,625.3 Arbitrary start
2008 2672.5 5,297.8
2009 2478.9 7,776.7
2010 2424.6 10,201.3
2011 2459.3 12,660.6
2012 2664.1 15,324.7
2013 2578.2 17,902.9
2014 2443.2 20,346.1
2015 2592.9 22,939.0
2016 2653.0 25,592.0
2017 2464.0 28,056.0
2018 2358.0 30,414.0
2019 2277.0 32,691.0 Includes 207 miles on my new Ebike
Once around the world every decade. I guess I'm on my fourth trip around the world.
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