Honor and Glory


I heard this story in about 1960.  If anyone knows something about its truth or origin, please let me know.


Sometime before the first world war, somewhere in Europe, there was a diplomatic affair or party.  Picture fancy dress, and uniforms with brass and medals.  In the course of events, the Russian military attaché and the Turkish military attaché found themselves speaking.  I remind you that, at that time, there was no love lost between Russia and Turkey.  The subject got around to the causes of war. 


The Turk said: 

“We go to war for plunder and booty”.


The Russian replied, haughtily:

“We go to war for honor and glory”


The Turk calmly came back with:

“Of course, people go to war for what they haven’t got”!


This story stuck with me all my life.  Whenever I hear someone expressing reasons for their actions, I find myself muttering “Honor and Glory”.